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About Dare2Tri

Over 15 years of experience

Meet Alex de Boer, CEO

The founder of Dare2Tri and owner of Sport Import Europe bv, Alex de Boer, is an extremely active athlete. He finished the Hawaii Ironman as well as two other Ironman races, followed by 16 triathlons around the world. Alex started his triathlon apparel and wetsuit business in 1995. Initially distributing Ironman wetsuits, in 2001 he transitioned into the Ironman Active wear licensee for the World Triathlon Corporation. With well over 15 years of quality and production management, Alex created the Dare2Tri brand, using his personal racing needs and acute knowledge of design to offer only the finest triathlete apparel. Welcome to Dare2Tri...

Creating the perfect wetsuit has evolved after years of testing and altering. The smallest detail can have an enormous impact on the performance of the suit. With both professional and amateur athletes testing Dare2Tri wetsuits, we are confident you will find optimal performance in every product we produce...guaranteed. We offer factory direct production, eliminating retail prices. Buying from
Dare2Tri assures you are purchasing the highest quality products at the best prices.

Dare2Tri uses the best quality materials and latest technology to produce a comfortable, buoyant triathlon suit. The benefits include improved swim position, maximum body heat sustainability, and flexibility for peak performance. Dare2Tri is not just Alex de Boer, it’s his team in the office in Holland and last but not least his partners and friends athletes: Benjamin Sanson, Felicity Abram and many others who made Dare2Tri to what it is today and with your help we can be ready for tomorrow.


Bill Abram
CEO Australia/Asia/Pacific Region

I teamed  up with Alex De Boer  back in 2012 after being introduced through mutual friend and athlete Ben Sanson. ( FRA)
I originally got involved in Triathlon through my daughter Felicity Abram ( ) – Fliss was one of the first girls sponsored by 2XU. The brand had just started and I asked if I could start up their first Performance store in 2005 . We did , and ended up with 3 stores in Brisbane/ Gold Coast and Sydney which I ran successfully.  I have since moved on but the years I had building the brand were invaluable.
After meeting Alex De Boer , we quickly struck up  a friendship and  inevitably now a partnership . We are both passionate about building a brand that is of excellent quality but at the same time affordable …. Basically  “ Great Gear At Great Prices” . We firmly believe that you don’t have to pay a fortune for good quality Triathlon and Wetsuit Apparel.
Our Australian involvement and experience in the sport of Triathlon is great. We have been involved in this great sport for many years with Felicity starting out as a Junior and now one of the higher ranked Senior Australian Elite Females in the system ( still coming back from injury) . My wife of 34 years  Lou  is also a keen Age Group Triathlete ( who has multiple world champ medals) and is active within the Australian and International Age Group circuit. She is still competing.
Working with Elite and Age Group athletes, we quickly gained a lot of knowledge about design, fabrics and what is practical in triathlon wetsuits and apparel . In cooperation with Alex and the Northern Hemisphere , we are constantly working to create the best quality garments we can at a price that is achievable for anyone who is wants to be involved in this fantastic sport.
Dare2Tri might be relatively new in name , but not in experience. With Alex 15 years and our families 15 years we have at least 30 years of experience combined…..  from the Elite perspective to the “weekend warrior” just having a crack at the sport for the very first time.
We love the sport, as many people do that get involved. Let us help you enjoy the sport  by making it a bit more affordable but not sacrificing quality.
Lastly as I tell my story… “ we cannot match the big boys regards the marketing dollar, but we will smash them every day of the week – with our  service and support.”
I look forward to meeting you at the next Triathlon!
Bill Abram