Q&A with Rising star EMMA JEFFCOAT


2017 Goals ?
The opportunity to race in the 2 Automatic Aus Comm Games Qualification races. More racing in the top end of the World Triathlon Series & make the U/23 Australian team for World Championships with a aim to podium.

Most memorable race ?
Probably Tizzy World Cup last year in 2016, my family had travelled halfway around the world to come and see my over in Europe racing (after 2 months away) & It was finals day of the 2 days event. I was sitting in 10th & then had the fastest last lap run split to run into 5th with my family there cheering me on, along with the crazy atmosphere of Tizzy too match!! It was a great race & so special to have my family watch!

Favourite Session ?
I love an open water swim sessions, hill reps on the bike, and a tempo trail run! Outdoors anythi

Favourite training destination
Home sweet home- the Northern beaches in Sydney and Vitoria Gasteiz in Basque Country, Spain. The endless summer living!

Favourite Dare2Tri piece or pieces ?
My Mach4 wetsuit!!! Love it!

Why ?
Because there's no other wetsuit like it on the market that caters for those of us with a swimmers background that don't necessarily want the buoyancy on the arms and enjoy more freedom of movement in the arms and shoulders that the Mach4 provides. It's one flash, fast & slick wetsuit!

What do you do outside of training ?
I have a beautiful horse- Cherokee who I look after & ride regularly. I am also about to finish a Bachelor of Nursing Degree. And I enjoy spending spare time with friends at the beach or outdoors on fun adventures!

Do you take days off or active recovery days ?
I have one active recovery day per week, generally Wednesdays. It involves a swim, gym session & sports massage (ouch)

Pre race meal ?
Porridge (oats) with honey & a banana mixed in. With a nice cup of coffee too.

Post race meal ?
Some protein & carbs straight away with an Up & Go or banana as my go to. And after that I like to enjoy a treat meal- some pizza or chocolate is always a favourite!

The one thing you cant live without ?
Family, my horse Cherokee & the ocean! (That's 3.... whoops)

Any tips for newbies in the sport of Triathlon ?
Enjoy the fun challenge our sport offers across all 3 disciples! Don't be let down by small set backs or hurdles & Outdoors is free!