2017 Goals ?

My major focus this year will be on qualifying for the 2018 ITU Sprint World Championships on the Gold Coast. With a ‘home’ World Championship race on offer, the competition for spots is likely to make the Australian qualifying races pretty spicy this year

Most memorable race?

Competing at the 2016 Triathlon World Championships in Mexico was both my most memorable and forgettable race to date. Almost everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong for me, but getting to race at that level wearing a green and gold onesie was something to cherish.

Favourite Session ?

Long rides on the weekends – purely because of the brews, banter and bakeries.

Favourite training destination ?

Can your home count as a destination? Brisbane’s roads, paths, trails and pools provide more options than a McDonalds menu, with a climate to let you take advantage of them all year round.

Favourite Dare2Tri piece ? Why ?

This was the easiest question so far – my Dare2Tri Mach 3 wetsuit. Without the extra neoprene in the Mach 3, I would have quit swimming in Canberra many, many months ago.

What do you get up to outside of training ?

In the brief periods I’m not training or wishing I was outside training, I occasionally apply myself to my day-job as a lawyer.

Active recovery days or days off ?

If ‘active recovery’ involves the steps between the couch and bed, or eating like a famine is imminent, then I never have a day off.

Pre race meal ?

My race morning involves a highly-technical combination of toast, peanut butter, banana and honey.

Post race meal ?

Anything and everything, especially when it’s served in a glass.

What one thing can you not live without ?

In Canberra – warm kit. Anywhere else – peanut butter.

Any advice for newbies in the sport ?

Like any sport, triathlon can become all-consuming and it’s easy to buy into the hype of an addicted community. Ignore the rubbish and take satisfaction 
from the simple things – working hard and consistently in your training, enjoying the parts of the day most people don’t get to experience, and making sure you celebrate your own achievements, whatever they may be.