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MACH3 Package deal
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Are you an athlete who can swim a nice front crawl? Then the MACH3S.7 is the ideal wetsuit wetsuit for you!

This package consists of the following articles:

MACH3S.7 men Wetsuit MACH3S.7 women Wetsuit
With the triathlon wrench MACH3S.7 you are faster than ever. It is a comfortable neoprene suit that contributes to a better posture and reduced resistance of the water. In short: with this triathlon suit you can set a new record!

Basic tri-suit men & Basic tri-suit women
This multi-use tri-suit is perfect for triathlons as well as other sports and utilize our latest innovations to ensure perfect fit without being restrictive.

The wetsuit mesh bag is a shoulder bag where you can transport your wetsuit and some other triathlon gear. A handy bag that has enough space for everything you want to take with you to your triathlon competition (or training location).

Safety swimmer
The safety swimmer! A bag in which you keep your things safe and dry. But that also serves as a buoy if you need it. A must have for triathletes and swimmers.

Running cap
Would you like to wear a cap during the triathlon training sessions? Our Venti Runningcaps are specially designed for athletes. Triathletes and runners who like to keep their heads cool, opt for a Venti running belt. The caps are available in different colors. 

Keep your head cool when you are in full sun? With the bandana from Dare2Tri you have a high-quality bandana made of lightweight materials. Moisture passes through, but the material keeps your head cool in warm conditions. In addition, the banana transports perspiration moisture quickly. This keeps your head cool and dry during your efforts.

Extra energy on hand during your triathlon or training? Use the Dare2Tri Tubebox! In the tubobox you can lose your energy bars or gels. But also your phone, wallet, keys or other valuables. (Your ID card!) You place the tubebox on your bike.

The Dare2Tri Racebelt is indispensable for every triathlete. During your triathlon races, but also during your training sessions. You make it your starting number. And you can lose some gilts in the belt, so you always have a supply of instant energy.


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MACH3 Package deal
MACH3 Package deal

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