Men's Swim&Run

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SWIM&RUN – The Ultimate suit for the adventure seeker tackling open water swimming and trail running.

This high quality and durable suit has all the essential features to keep you moving from point A to B efficiently without holding you back. The SWIM&RUN features dual zippers, a long front and back zip to keep you cool while running, two accessible pockets and uses varied materials and neoprene thicknesses to keep you agile and swift.   

 Key Features:

  • High quality 39Cell neoprene
  • Smooth Skin Surface coating on neoprene
  • Dual zippers; long front & back zip
  • Graded neoprene thickness
    • 3.5mm DuraStretchneoprene legs
    • 5.0mm DuraStretch™ neoprene core and chest construction
    • 2.5mm DuraStretch™ neoprene shoulders
  • 4-way stretchable material on the back side of legs and under arm alongside of the body 
    • 3.5mm material on back of legs
    • 2.0mm under arms and side of body
    • 2 Accessible pockets on thighs 

Key Benefits:

  • Durable, long lasting neoprene
  • Lightweight suit
  • High elasticity to facilitate a more natural running stride
  • Use of various materials enable greater flexibility and range of motion important for swimming and running
  • Backside of suit is built of durable material to endure wear and tear caused by the rigors of racing
  • Storage pockets for nutrition, hydration and equipment