Men's Keepwarm hooded vest

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A novel addition to the triathlon and open swim markets is the hooded vest from our keep warm collection.  A must for cold water racing or training.

The hooded vest is designed to keep you both warm and dry when worn under a wetsuit. The snug fit and flexibility of the hooded vest allow maximum freedom of movement and warmth.

Made from smooth skin neoprene and titanium coated lining, the hood provides both warmth and water proofing. The vest is made from a double laminated ultra-stretch neoprene which is comfortable next to the skin and eases taking off the garment after swimming.

Suitable for temperatures above 6° Celsius (3° Celsius with the additional Neoprene gloves and neoprene Socks).  

  • Titanium coated lining (Hood)
  • Smooth skin neoprene (Hood)
  • Ultra-Stretch body panel
  • 2.0mm Neoprene (Hood)
  • 2.5mm Neoprene (Vest)