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Long John triathlon wetsuit for warm water
A fine triathlon wetsuit for training and competitions in warmer water. A wetsuit is also suitable for warm water. It decreases water resistance and improves your buoyancy. This way, you can set a better time during training and competitions. This wetsuit is of course suitable not only for triathlons: this neoprene swimsuit is a solution for other watersports as well.

Triathlon wetsuit for a faster time
The smooth outside ensures that you will glide more easily through the water. This way, this wetsuit contributes to your new personal record! It does this, moreover, by making you have a better swimming position; this suits helps to make your position in the water to be more stable.

Comfortable and flexible wetsuit
The triathlon wetsuit Long John improves your positions but still feels comfortable. It fits your body just great. Sometimes it will seem like are not wearing a wetsuit at all. And you will have optimal freedom of movement. This makes it easier to move so you can set a better time. Go for that personal record!

A wetsuit that lasts for years
The Long John wetsuit is made of high-quality materials. Attention has been paid to comfort but also to the strength of the neoprene. This way, you know for sure that you can always trust your triathlon suit. Under all conditions. And that it will last for very long. A Long John wetsuit is really worth the investment!

Affordable wetsuit
With the affordable wetsuits in our webshop, a good triathlon suit is an option for everyone. The wetsuits are made from the newest materials and with the newest technologies. But they are very affordable. This is also the case for the sleeveless Long John wetsuit.

Determining the size of the triathlon wetsuit
When you place your order, we ask you to indicate various measurements and your weight. Our unique size calculator will then give size recommendations. (The size calculator is almost always right: in 99 percent of the cases.) The size calculator has been developed on the basis of years of experience.

Try the triathlon wetsuit yourself
Discover the properties of the MACH2 triathlon wetsuit yourself! When you have received the wetsuit, you can try it within 8 days in a swimming pool in your area. Does it not fit properly? Then, returning it is not a problem. (Experience teaches us that only 1 percent of all wetsuits bought by people on the website are returned. The wetsuits fit just fine in most cases.)

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The  worlds #1 zipper have a metal runner, which ensures gradual opening and closing. Following a survey held among our Dare2Tri followers, we decided to have the zip closing from the bottom up. The vast majority indicated this is to be preferred to a top to bottom zip.



Soft stretch neck makes breathing more easy, and prevents water from entering the suit. The zipper in the back is covered with a protective overlap which allows you to easily zip in-and-out of  the suit. No chafing!



The 5mm thick main chest panel ensures buoyancy, which makes you go faster and gives you a better lying position in the water, delaying the onset of fatigue. The ITU and ETU, as well as Ironman and Challenge, have imposed a maximum thickness of 5mm.


Lower leg panels

The LongJohn has 3.5 mm thick lower legs so especially the less trained swimmers generate that extra buoyancy what they need. The material on the outside is made from Glide skin which makes it possible to quickly extract your wetsuit.

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