Women's Swim & Run Go wetsuit

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Swim Run is one of the fastest growing sports. Why? It’s fun, a team sport and it challenges you and your team mate to the max.

Dare2Tri , the innovators in wetsuits are bringing the Swim&Run FAST! , a true Swim Run wetsuit designed in cooperation with top Swim Run athletes.

The FAST is particularly made for the competitive Swim Runner, tested and amended throughout  several events.

When we started to create the Swim&Run FAST! We put up a list of must haves:

Comfortability – Secure Fit – Flexibility - Durability – Freedom – Smoothness – Buoyancy - Speed

And the result is the unique Swim&Run FAST!  

Determining the size of the triathlon wetsuit
When you place your order, we ask you to indicate various measurements and your weight. Our unique size calculator will then give size recommendations. (The size calculator is almost always right: in 99 percent of the cases.) The size calculator has been developed on the basis of years of experience.

Try the triathlon wetsuit yourself
Discover the properties of the MACH2 triathlon wetsuit yourself! When you have received the wetsuit, you can try it within 8 days in a swimming pool in your area. Does it not fit properly? Then, returning it is not a problem. (Experience teaches us that only 1 percent of all wetsuits bought by people on the website are returned. The wetsuits fit just fine in most cases.)

Complete the form to generate

your perfect wetsuit size!


Choose your body type:


SwimRungo YKK zipper


The  worlds #1 zipper have a metal runner, which ensures gradual opening and closing. Following a survey held among our Dare2Tri followers, we decided to have the zip closing from the bottom up. The vast majority indicated this is to be preferred to a top to bottom zip.



The armpit of the MACH2SCS is made of a 4-way stretch nylon that not only feels soft but is also very durable. The shoulders are made of a 2.5mm thick smooth skin neoprene.



The 5mm thick main chest panel ensures buoyancy, which makes you go faster and gives you a better lying position in the water, delaying the onset of fatigue.



The back panels are not only there in order to ensure extra buoyancy, but they are an extension of the shoulders as well. This is why 3.5mm was selected with 4-way Super Stretch lining in order to obtain more freedom of movement as well as the additional buoyancy.

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