Safety Swimmer

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This swim buoy is a perfect companion for anybody who wants to enjoy their swim with a bit of extra safety (swimmers, triathletes, adventurers, travelers, campers etc.) or for an ordinary beach goer to keep their belongings protected and dry rather than left unattended on the beach.

The safety device features a waterproof dry storage space along with an inflatable compartment to keep it from sinking. It also gives you something to grab onto when you get tired or run into problems.

The float will support your weight if you need to rest during your swim and furthermore, with its bright color (orange, pink, yellow or fluorescent green), it will provide you with an outstanding visibility in the water, so boats, jet skis, wind surfers and other fast moving water lovers will know where you swim and will stay clear from your area.

The buoy can also be used for kids. If you attach one of the buoys to each of your children, it can also let you keep better watch over your child while they play in the water.