Men's Dare2Swim 2.0 Wetsuit

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DARE2SWIM – The first ever Breaststroke specific wetsuit on the market!


Just when you thought that wetsuits were unanimous for any swim style, Dare2Tri brings to the market a breaststroke specific suit.  What differentiates the Dare2Swim from other wetsuits is the decreased buoyancy in the legs and hips which facilitates an easier breaststroke kick as well as more buoyancy in the chest to give the swimmer extra leverage in the water during the outsweep and insweep phase of the stroke.   


The Dare2Swim is the most playful and versatile wetsuit of our collection.  It is the Ideal wetsuit for city swimmers, everyday lake, river or sea swimmers and can be used for several watersports.   IRONMAN, ITU and ETU legal




  • Increased size range for women 

  • Use of Limestone Neoprene


Key Features:


  • Decreased thickness of neoprene in core and legs than most open water wetsuits

    • Core and upper legs: 3.0mm DuraStretchneoprene

    • Lower legs from knees down: 2.0 mm DuraStretchneoprene

  • Added neoprene thickness of 5.0mm DuraStretchneoprene to upper chest area for extra lift

  • 2.0mm DuraStretch neoprene construction under the arms

  • 2.5mm DuraStretch neoprene construction of the arms

  • Light 39Cell Limestone neoprene

  • Unique single layer neck closure prevents skin chafing of the neck

  • Smooth Skin Surface coating

  • YKK Zipper


Key Benefits:


  • Breaststroke specific wetsuit although suitable for any swim style

  • More buoyancy in upper body

  • Decreased buoyancy in legs to facilitate an easier and more natural breaststroke kick

  • Durable, long lasting neoprene

  • Lightweight wetsuit

  • Hybrid wetsuit suitable for a variety of water sports 

  • Maintains body temperature 

  • Easy to put on and remove

  • Comes with a silicone swim cap

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