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Dare2Tri wetsuits are made using the latest technology and innovations. Our wetsuits are thoroughly tested by our professional and age-group athletes before introducing  the wetsuits to the market.

Limestone Neoprene
Dare2Tri has chosen to use for the majority of its wetsuits our more eco-friendly HBF-Limestone neoprene.  HBF Limestone neoprene is: Highly Buoyant, Flexible, lighter in Weight, Warmer and more Durable.      

Wetsuits that fits you
At Dare2Tri we offer a variety of models. To help you find the perfect fit, we have introduced the first “Wetsuit Size Calculator”.Just fill the required measurements and we will find your perfect size wetsuit.

Test your wetsuit.  
If you are not sure about size or fit of your wetsuit. Please test the wetsuit in your local swimming pool as wetsuits feel different in the water. Follow our “how to put on your wetsuit” instructions and if you still have questions? Just contact us.
What do you need for your first triathlon?  
If you are preparing to take part in a triathlon for the first time, then this is what you need from our collection:
- Wetsuit
- Swim cap
- Race belt
- Chip band
- Functional running cap or visor
- Backpack

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