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MACH2 triathlon wetsuit
The MACH2 triathlon wetsuit is the ideal wetsuit for beginners, as well as for more advanced triathletes. The suit is sustainable and made from sturdy material. But when you wear it, it feels like a second skin. This is the result of the various flexible materials that are incorporated into it. We believe it is very important that the suit should be easy to wear and take off. These features make this suit suitable for beginners as well.

Triathlon wetsuit with optimal freedom of movement
What is the most important thing for a (triathlon) wetsuit? Your freedom of movement, of course! The MACH2 wetsuit has flexible parts in the most important areas. Because of this, the wetsuit is only 2.5 mm thick on the shoulders. On the armpits, parts of the back and the side of the chest, you will find a particularly flexible material, which is also very sturdy (4 WAY STRETCH). This gives you all the freedom of movement in the water that you need for a new personal record.

A wetsuit for a better posture
It sounds ideal: a triathlon swimsuit that adds a little assistance in the water. The MACH2 wetsuit does just that! How, you may wonder? On the chest part and the upper legs, a somewhat thicker layer of material (5 mm) is used. This ensures a good position in the water. Under the knees, the material is a little less thick (3.5 mm). This ensures that you won’t be too high in the water (and it avoids back injuries).

Women’s wetsuit and men’s wetsuit
The wetsuit is available in a version for women and for men. The women’s wetsuit has a slightly longer zip and a more feminine shape. This makes it easier to put the wetsuit on or take it off. (Very important for your personal record! And, otherwise, it just saves you a lot of fumbling.)

Practical triathlon swimsuit
The closing method is reversed in both the wetsuits for women and for men. Really simple, actually: the soft and hard parts of the Velcro are placed differently than in most other wetsuits. If you do not properly close the wetsuit, you will not be bothered by this closing method at all: the soft part touches your skin. (And that is good, because Velcro can scrape mightily.) Furthermore, the YKK zip is the strongest in the world, so that you know for sure that you can trust your equipment. Does this swimsuit have more practical points? Certainly! A particularly smooth and soft material is found on the forearms and lower legs of the MACH2 triathlon suit. We call this glideskin. Thanks to this material, it is easier to put on the wetsuit, and to take it off.

Sustainable wetsuit for triathlons
The MACH2 wetsuit is made of sustainable material that has been tested many times. That is important: during a triathlon, you must be able to rely on your equipment. The suit must be flexible and feel like a second skin, but it must also be able to take a pounding. This wetsuit is worth the investment: it has a very long life and you will thus certainly enjoy it for years. (We have also already done some kilometres in this suit.)

Determining the size of the triathlon wetsuit
When you place your order, we ask you to indicate various measurements and your weight. Our unique size calculator will then give size recommendations. (The size calculator is almost always right: in 99 percent of the cases.) The size calculator has been developed on the basis of years of experience.

Try the triathlon wetsuit yourself
Discover the properties of the MACH2 triathlon wetsuit yourself! When you have received the wetsuit, you can try it within 8 days in a swimming pool in your area. Does it not fit properly? Then, returning it is not a problem. (Experience teaches us that only 1 percent of all wetsuits bought by people on the website are returned. The wetsuits fit just fine in most cases.)

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MACH2 YKK zipper


The  worlds #1 zipper have a metal runner, which ensures gradual opening and closing. Following a survey held among our Dare2Tri followers, we decided to have the zip closing from the bottom up. The vast majority indicated this is to be preferred to a top to bottom zip.

MACH2 collar


The collar is made of a single layer material which has as great advantage to optionally be able to cut it with scissors to your personal perfect fit. The collar fits well and provides minimal inlet of water and prevents chafing. The closure on the rear is reversed*. We are the only wetsuit brand to have selected this; the reason being that, in the unlikely event the suit is closed incorrectly, only the soft Velcro will touch the skin. We are fully convinced that our wetsuits (all models) are free of chafing.



The armpit of the MACH2SCS is made of a 4-way stretch nylon that not only feels soft but is also very durable. The shoulders are made of a 2.5mm thick smooth skin neoprene.



The 5mm thick main chest panel ensures buoyancy, which makes you go faster and gives you a better lying position in the water, delaying the onset of fatigue. The ITU and ETU, as well as Ironman and Challenge, have imposed a maximum thickness of 5mm.



In order to prevent the legs from sinking down especially over longer distances, the upper leg panels are 5 mm thick for maximum buoyancy.



The MACH2SCS has 3.5 mm thick lower legs so especially the less trained swimmers generate that extra buoyancy what they need. The material on the outside is made from Glide skin which makes it possible to quickly extract your wetsuit.



The calf panel is equipped on the inside with our unique 4-way pre-stretched Super Stretch, which together with the Glide Skin on the outside and the obliquely cut opening, makes it possible to remove the wetsuit without any effort at all.



With a thickness of 3.5mm, this panel makes it possible to achieve a perfect water position. If it were thicker, it would cause a hollow back and if it were thinner it would cause too low a position in the water.



The back panels are not only there in order to ensure extra buoyancy, but they are an extension of the shoulders as well. This is why 3.5mm was selected with 4-way Super Stretch lining in order to obtain more freedom of movement as well as the additional buoyancy.

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